Battery water system for refilling, not initial charge
Battery Water System
Super mini 2-stage battery
water system. Lightweight
for mobility.
We design and manufacture battery water system for traction vehicle lead-acid battery water refill.

Picture illustrate the modular design with various capacity can be tailor-made to suit your need.
System designed and assembled in Singapore.

None catches your eyes ? No worry, we can design and build system that meet each peculiar requirement
Mini Battery water system for traction forklift, golf buggy cart, electric car
Model RT120
3 stage battery water system generate 240L battery water for refilling traction battery
Model RT240
Compact 3-stage battery
water system. Minimal
space and portable.
High capacity battery water system, to refill traction battery water in Forklift, golf cart, electric cars etc.
Model RT360
High capacity output for
heavy commercial application.
Model RT600
Heavy duty unit commercial application.